Tuesday, January 12, 2010

what friendship is made of?????

everybody in this worldwide must be have at least one friend..
friend that will stand beside them through all the problems and conflict together..
its very sad nowadays people tend to let materialism cover their life more than friendship..
is there people who will really care about true meaning of friendship???
actually what is the true meaning of friendship???
friendship.. bring the meaning of sharing and loving...
as a friend we share our happy,sadness,problems,everything to each other...
loving doesn't mean we love our friend like we love our lover..
is just the love that more than that...we love each other like they are one with us...
kasih sayang di antara seorang kawan melebihi kasihnya kepada kekasih..seperti kasih adik beradik..
friendship does not mean we own that particular people..we just become one with them..
thats the beauty of friendship..that will make everyone in this world smile..

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